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Guidelines Update for Sensitive Content


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Hello TooTimid Forums! 

We’re instituting a whole new set of guidelines for community behavior and where certain topics can go. We take this forum very seriously and hope that it continues to be a judgment-free, safe space for everyone to feel comfortable talking about sex, relationships and the like. That being said, we are now instituting limits on the discussion of certain topics.


Topics and or visual content that will require moderation & guidelines: 




-Physical & Sexual Assault




If you are coming to the forum as a survivor of assault, rape or other emotional, physical and sexual trauma and want to discuss anything related to your trauma with other users, please include both a trigger warning tag on the post, and  “[TW: Rape/Assault etc]” in the subject title as it relates to your topic.



Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 12.19.41 PM.png


These posts will be kept in the Serious Topics Only forum as these are very sensitive topics that can be extremely triggering and traumatizing for other survivors. We want all forum participants to feel safe sharing their experiences but also allow people who don’t want to see sensitive content a chance to opt out.


If you want to talk about the above sensitive topics as a fantasy scenario you must also include the elements outlined above in your post in addition to making it explicitly clear in your post that these are fantasies and or scenarios between consenting adult parties. If we suspect a poster is discussing acting out a scenario that is illegal in real life or asking for tips on how to perpetrate an illegal activity, they will be PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM THE FORUMS.


Topics and or visual content that will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN


-Abusing Minors 

-Abusing Animals


Having said all of that, if you ever come across a post that breaks the community guidelines or are being harassed by another user, please report it to any of our admins: 








We know that the forums can be an outlet for people to discuss topics they otherwise might not feel comfortable discussing in person, we are not trying to prevent these discussions at all, we encourage everyone here to express themselves in a safe and healthy manner. If you or anyone else you know is struggling with mental health issues, abusive living situations, surviving sexual assault or any other trauma that is impacting their daily life, please visit the following website for details on a wide range of hotlines that can help:




We hope you all continue to enjoy using our forums and connecting with others in the community, feel free to ask us any additional questions!

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