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Nipple piercing

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Unless she gets a really BAD infection, I've never heard anyone's ANY piercing take 9 months to heal. Even diabetics can get piercings, though they may take longer to heal, I doubt it's 9 months!!!!!

I have had my tongue, navel, and several ear piercings done. The tongue, to fully heal (where it wasn't even just sensitive) was about 3 weeks. And that swells and is where you eat, so it is always actively moving, not to mention, I can be quite a chatter-box! LOL

My ex husband had his penis pierced, the Prince Albert one, and his was healed in 3 weeks....they recommended 4 weeks abstinence to be on the safe side, but he was healed in 3.

Now, with nipples, you do have to be careful. Many people have posted on a thread of the same topic, saying that they stay away from loofah poofs now because the piercings get caught on it, and sometimes other things, but that's really with almost any piercing, honestly.

Keep the piercings clean and dry (as much as one can in the summer). Use antibacterial liquid soap to clean gently. Do NOT get overly paranoid and think you have to clean it every day. My friend did that with her navel piercing, and got severe irritation. We went back to the piercer, and he told her to only wash it once every other day (after the first week). She was cleaning it 3x a day, with soap, which can dry out anyone's anything! She followed his instructions, and healed nicely.

If she does get them done, do research. Go to a professional piercer at a shop. Go to several. They need to be licensed, use fresh, sterilized, individually wrapped needles. Yes, the piercer will probably have a lot of tattoos and/or piercings, which is normal. But, even medical experts are now recommending that you go to a professional piercer to even get your ears done. Ask what the piercing entails. Which should be choosing of the jewelry which is usually stainless steel, cleanliness, marking the spot and verification that you like where they've marked it (with a marker), clamping of the area to be pierced (unless it's the ear), needle which is actually inserted quickly by hand, which, yes, is a bit painful, and then checking in the mirror, instructions for aftercare. Understand that the piercer does NOT get off on piercing someone's private parts. It's a job that they've been trained to do, and they're more focused on a clean piercing and where to do so. But, yes, they are going to have to touch the area to be pierced with their hands, and move it around a bit, so they can see the whole part, and get a good idea of where to pierce.

Your wife should be fairly comfortable with the piercer. If she is comfortable with the piercer, that's awesome, and she'll be a bit more relaxed. She may even get a jolt of excitement from being pierced there. A friend of mine almost gets off on it, she loves being pierced that much!

Again, I'm not sure who told you 9 months for healing time, but that is not true. I mean, even when you have a baby via C-section, it only takes about 6 weeks to fully heal-speaking from experience here.

I hope this helps. :)


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5 hours ago, Not large enough said:

They told her because there are so many nerves in the nipple is why it takes so long to heal 

Thanks for the info i will let her read this and maybe she will change her mind

I hope so I like pierced nipples 

Some people do experience some loss of sensation when it gets done, others say that they're even more sensitive after they heal up.

A piercing and/or a tattoo should be the person getting it done's choice and desire. Not just to please their significant other.  Otherwise, they can regret getting it, and feel a bit manipulated into doing so. 

If she doesn't want to do it, don't make her feel bad or guilty, it should be her choice to do or not to do. I love my ear piercings, and, when I had them, the tongue and navel. I took out the last 2 when I got pregnant with my daughter.

Whatever she decides to do what SHE wants, support her. No pressure, no guilt. That way, she will appreciate your support.

If she has any questions, she really should go talk to a piercer she feels a trust with.

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She is 56 years old and she said she thinks it would be extremely hot but at her age she said she is too old to have them done but she thinks she would if she were 20 years younger 

I told her age has nothing to do with it if she wants to get her nipples pierced she should do it 

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