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Hey all!!! Happy Almost FALL!!! Catching up!


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Hey guys and gals!!!

I started a job with an Inbound call center, staring at 2 large computer screens and taking calls all day. It's a living, but I'm working from home, and I'm grateful for that opportunity. 

I'm just getting over COVID, but, thankfully, it wasn't too bad, and I wasn't down long. Didn't loose my paycheck because I can work from home. My GF is also getting over COVID. She's been down almost 3 weeks now, and it hit her harder, but she's doing ok.

Thankfully, my daughter never got it. She graduated high school in May. 

I'm looking into getting a 2nd job for a few months, to help catch up on stuff, so, yeah, Tyger's been a busy gal!

I hope everything is well with everyone!! I'd love to see some personal "HEY"s and hear what y'all are up to!!!

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  • Tyger changed the title to Hey all!!! Happy Almost FALL!!! Catching up!
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Glad you're back to posting Tyger. I just went and looked at your profile again and I can't believe I hadn't clicked the follow button. I've been reading your posts for years and can't believe I haven't done that. Yeah my wife and I are getting over covid too and I still can't smell but other than that I'm okay. Once again glad you're back and looking forward to some more posts

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