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Life's too short for kink shame.


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Figure this best place to post this. Newbies full of questions plz read this and contemplate the depth of how beneficial it's possibilities. Never allow another person's opinion cause u pain, shame, or embarrassment. Everyone is unique including our kinks. If u have a diff turn on than others that's ok. Learn to understand ppl are scared to get singled out in groups. Often others may share your thoughts but refuse to admit fearing ridicule from peers. How many guys u heard want/demand Thier girl accommodate by getting a girlfriend to join for threesome but another guy friend joining isnt even an option to discuss? God forbid they guy buddies find out cuz they get called gay.  Personally I enjoy mfm better than fmf. No exception whenever a  friend finds out first time I always hear some kinda smack. Here's what u don't know. I couldn't tell u how many them guys when away from others will approach about it and be completely fine long as no one knows. So embrace who u are and don't hide it in fear. You won't believe how much easier everything is after you achieve that.

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