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Mixed Up Mess

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I’ve been married for 27 years and grew up hearing my mom telling me that “she HAD to “spend time” with my dad. Sex between them was definitely an obligation. Pre-marital sex was taboo as well as having sexual feelings. I'm turning 50 in a couple of months and going through a mid-life crisis. I guess the amazing part is that all of the sudden I’m horny all the time! I’ve been jumping my hubby’s bones almost every day and been obsessed with my boobs and nipples. I’ve bought some “fake” nipple  jewelry and have been wearing it a lot even though it tends to fall off when my nipples relax. Because of that issue, I’ve been using suction cups twice a day and pulling, stretching and massaging my nipples and boobs. I’ve also been sleeping with a tank top and pulling it down and sleeping with my boobs free. We’re both obsessing over playing with and sucking on my boobs and nipples. Hubby has ED from meds so sex can be difficult. We’re using a lot of dildos and vibrators but I’ve only cum once in a long time. So basically, I’m horny as hell and can’t get enough of fucking my husband. Not interested in threesomes or swinging or cheating. Thanks for reading!

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Have you tried some of the pills advertised on the web, they claim to add inches , I’ve had some success in growth but the stuff in it is more for getting and maintaining rock hard erections.  I found that it worked within the first day of use, after a week I had a hardon constantly and actually saw an improvement in stamina as well.  Just search penis enlargement pills and read and select one. There’s a lot of bs stories but I know first hand it can’t hurt to try. Hope this helps 😘

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4 hours ago, Mixed Up Mess said:

Thanks! We’ve been discussing them but I think he doesn’t want to admit it. He bought a penis pump and that can do it; but even with a cock ring it doesn’t last long. 🥴

Hi Mixed, there are also extensions and strap ons that could help you out. 
  Docs have come along way with ED also so that could be an option!

 Good luck and welcome to the Forums!

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