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My friend came over yesterday to do my hair for a Christmas party. We've known each other since college and have had sex a couple of times with our husbands watching. This time we were all alone. I showed her the stories written by prodriver and she looked at me half way through the second one and said "Wanna go play?" We went into the bedroom and undressed. She lay down on the bed with her ass on the edge and her legs hanging off. Her pussy was already extremely wet. I spread her lucious lips apart and began by kissing and licking the insides of her legs and all around her thick pussy lips, intentionally avoiding her clit. I gradually got more agressive and began nibbling and tounge kissing her pussy. Then I went into an all out tounge fuck all the while rubbing her ass hole and teasing it with the tip of my finger. Her hips were thrusting into my face and she was playing with my hair and moaning. I plunged four fingers as deep insode of her as I could and sucked the hell out of her swelling clit. In about 60 seconds she exploded into orgasm. My mouth was filled with her juices. She slid off the bed and onto the floor. I spread my legs and lowered myself onto her mouth. The second I felt her warm tongue on my pussy, I came harder than I had ever come before. We both lay on the floor and she rolled over and gave me the softest, most passionate kiss I have ever had. It must have lasted five minutes, oh it was so nice. We went and took a shower and washed each others hair and bodies. I'm waiting for the right time to tell my husband, when the kids are away because I know he will love to hear about it.

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