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What Do You Consider To Be The Perfect Orgasm?


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OK, I will admit that I got this idea for the topic from a book I'm reading, but I thought it to be pretty good. There were several descriptions in it from the author's site. So I am curious:

What do you consider to be the perfect orgasm?

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For me, the perfect orgasm happens when my hubby and I are really hot and heavy, connecting on that spiritual level. He will have me super worked up by bringing me close to orgasm and then letting me back down. I will be so hot my whole body is tingling, I am begging to cum, I will be saying dirty, nasty, filthy things. Finally, he will let me have it either with tongue, fingers or cock and I will just explode with the whole body, tingling, numb, mind wrenching shuddering orgasm that lasts for minutes on end!

To me, that is the perfect orgasm!

Mikayla :P

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the perfect orgasm is when my husband and i try to have quickies and we get interrupted and when we get quiet time we have long hot foreplay as he is entering me i feel this chill running down my body and he kisses me so deeply until i begin to arch my back and my eyes feel as though there in the back of my head :rolleyes: the chill is moving down my inner thighs and the tears are running down my face we are so tangle up with each other my breathing is intense and as we are cumming i feel this power surge go through our bodies until the only thing we can do is lay still listening to each other breathe and hearts beating

Thats it :lol:

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