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I just had to share this with everyone and found out how many others have had a night like this. I ordered the free dual bullet, of course my husband made a stimulation on it. My husband stated that I could have it if I shared it. Well hell there are two so either way I knew I was going to win. :P Well when it arrived in the mail, I was excited!! Then he came with the other stimulation, hmmmm. He said we need to have a night of just kissing and masturbation, the rules were as followed:

We could Kiss

NO touching each other

Watch each other masturbate

They seemed far to me, and this was a new thing, I mean we have watched each other before but it always seemed to lead to a hot night togeather. So with this new rules in place, and the kids off to bed. I handed him the bullet and I took the other bullet with the numbies on it and is also longer. Hopped into bed and the fun was on. We kissed off course but trying not to touch was a little harder then I thought it would be. He used his bullet, around his sack on the area between his anus and sack. Oh my I thought he was going to lose it in a couple secs. He ran it up and down his ROCK hard shaft. I of course used mine to play with my clit, and inserted it. THe more I watch him and played with mine, the more excited I became. Well chalk this one up on the calander in my house, I normally can outlast my hubby but this night he outlasted me. :lol: I was having mutli-Os. I have to admit this was way to much fun, we joked with each other to and of course some very hot talk was coming out of both our mouths, trying to get the other to O before the other.

I think this night is going to happen again very soon. Either way in my book we both win, So I am wondering if anyone else has tried this. Yes it was very hard (pun intended) but well welll worth it all.

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We have masturbation nights fairly often! He loves to just make me cum over and over and over using a vibe or bullet. Then, of course, he will be so hard and ready that all I have to do is lie back and play with myself and he will cum like a rocket!

I think masturbation nights are good every once in a while - they allow us to release, give us something different to do and can be as long or as short as we want.

Masturbation nights are also great for those couples who need to reconnect. Having "no sex" rules take away the pressure!



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