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I was wondering if any knows a really good vibe that isnt so big,my girlfriend likes them but she says the most are to big but at the same time

most of the small ones are TO SMALL. is there a happy medium? :unsure:

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Hiya Russel, and yes there is a happy medium out there. There are alot of products and alot of different sizes I think if we all knew what she considered to be to small and to big I am sure alot of us could recommend quit a few products.

When she says to small is she talking about the girth or the length? I think if we knew a few of these answers then we will be able to help alot more. Also what types of vibes is she looking for I mean there are alot. Duel action? your everyday "run of the mill" type ? vaginal? anal? One with numbies, one without etc..

With a little more information I am sure we will be able to help ya.


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Hi there....I understand your wife's trepidation with large toys - not every woman wants to be super full.

I would recommend to you the FUn Factory line. For example, the CORSAR MINI vibe is still a vibe, but it is much smaller. Plus, the Fun Factory vibes are 100% silicone - so they last a long, long, long time. Mostly they are cute little vibes, such as the DInky Digger - it looks like a mole holding a flower! They are unintimidating because they are so cute!

So just type in FUn Factory in the search box and all the vibes will come up - I am confident you will find something you will like!


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