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Lucid Dream #69 Bullet Remote


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I chose for my next contender out of my newest toy arrivals, this beautiful, bulbous, blue, corded remote bullet made by Doc Johnson, always a quality adult toy maker, IMO.

I did notice a sweet “new toy” smell to it, so I washed it with my antibacterial soap, and it did tone down the smell a bit, but not by much.

The “trippy”-styled box said that this toy is waterproof as well, great for shower/tub play.

The jelly of the bullet was fairly firm, but pliable, and smooth.

The remote showed it had 4 settings, and 2 AA batteries (not incl.) later, I was able to see how strong the vibes were and test how quiet it was too.

The bullet that makes the vibes is right at the tip, so the vibes were all fairly strong, which, for me, as y'all know, the stronger the vibe, the more I’ll probably like the toy. And it was fairly quiet too.

I did notice that you have to go up and down all of the levels on the remote to turn it off though. Kind of a pain, but not overly so. The remote was very comfortable to hold. It was a softer feeling plastic, so all in all, a pretty nice remote.

The bullet also a bit tacky feeling, so I used my trusty lube to make things a bit smoother going. I teased my clit for a bit, enjoying each level of vibe. Of course, level 4 (the strongest) was my fav. I turned it off, then on to level 1 for the insertion. The first 2 humps went in no problem. And boy did they feel niiiice!! ;) The final hump, the largest, was a bit of a stretch, but not uncomfortably so. I definitely felt full with this vibe, to be sure!

I decided to walk around the house, and watch some TV, allowing my vaginal walls have the humps of my Dream rub them, and that was an awesome sensation! Also great for the PC muscles! I just puttered around the house, enjoying my alone time, and the sensations the Dream was giving me.I was walking to the bedroom when the orgasm rocked me. I had to grab the wall so I wouldn’t fall! It felt soooo nice!

I would recommend this toy for the experienced toy user, since it is a good deal larger than it’s smaller bullet counterparts. But I will definitely having more Lucid Dreams, #69 style in the future!

Get Lucid

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i noticed the lucid dream jelly is very tacky and definitely needs lube. i totally wanted to try this one! was it quiet? #54 was ridiculously quiet, i was absolutely surprized.

i also noticed the issue with the control having to turn down 4 setting to turn off. definitely not a big deal, but somethign to look out for if youre interruption-prone!

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It was fairly quiet.

I also should mention that the jelly material seems to get a bit tackier after washing.

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This is not your average bullet vibe. In fact, I wouldn't call it a bullet at all, more of a "curvy goddess statue" but perhaps I'm being overly literal. Nonetheless, no matter what you want to call the lucid dreams #69, you will also be calling out "more!"

When I first saw the #69 in my box of sex toys I was a little leery. It's slightly larger than the toys I generally prefer for penetration. I am leery no longer. It is rather girthy, but the jelly consistency is nice and it's shaped very well for easy penetration. As it turns out, for me, it's exactly the right size... not too big at all. I had an orgasm just from inserting it, without even needing to turn it on. Those bumps are extremely pleasurable, and once it's inserted I at least felt very nicely full.

The vibrations on this toy are relatively strong and, as the package advertises, it's very quiet. By no means is it silent, but behind closed doors no one could tell you were having very wet dreams (which is what I misremembered the toy name as.) Really, the only bad thing about this toy is the slight "tackiness" that the other reviewers have also reported and I found that after wiping down the toy with alcohol, and then washing it, I didn't notice it much at all. It's certainly no worse than any other jelly vibe or dildo. The fact that I had to click down through all for levels to turn it off didn't bother me at all.

I loved this toy and can not recommend it highly enough.

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