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Another purple dual vibrator came to my door to join my collection of bullets and remote toys. I couldn’t wait to try it out!

I loved the color, of course. The hard plastic of the 2 vibrators and the remote have a satin feel to them, so it doesn’t feel “hard”. The remote takes 4 AAA batteries (not incl.), and has a shape to it that is easy to hold, grip strips, and easy button pushing. But this remote varies a bit from my other ones since it has 10 settings on each side, and indicator lights showing what level you’re on! Both sides can be on individually, or at the same time, giving you 100 possible combinations of vibrations! The settings are listed on the back of the remote:

1-foreplay 2-Tease 3-Arouse 4-Zoom 5-Wave 6-Pulsation 7-Vibration 8-Random 9-Racer 10-Climax

The bullets are waterproof, which is always a plus. The first one is small, slender bullet, great for clit stimulation, and even good for anal beginners. The Second attachment wasn’t a bullet, but a G-spot vibrator. It’s not very big or long, but it packs quite the orgasm! The bullet in that one is at the tip, for maximum power for you to enjoy.

I put the batteries in, stripped down, and tried all of the vibes out on, arousing myself more & more. This item definitely has the strong vibes for me, yet the settings break them up so they’re not so intense. However, it’s not a very quiet toy, even on it’s lowest setting, so be aware that others can probably hear you, if you have thin walls or nosey roommates.

Lubing them both up just a bit, I started using the small one on my clit first. I loved playing with all of the settings. The G-spot did it’s job for me, plunging it in & out, playing with the vibe settings on that, and when it caressed me just so…oh momma! Double the pleasure and double the spasms!

I recommend this for both beginners and the toy aficionado alike. Many options, easy use, clean up, and care, unintimidating sizes, and great orgasms make this a great addition or even a great beginner toy to any collection.

Go High Tech

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Hi Tyger,

Thanks for the review.

Are the bullets normally waterproof these days? We have one (with a jelly cock ring), but water can get inside the bullet through the hole for the wires. Not good. I have to use special wipes to keep the bullet clean. Looks like I have to invest in a new bullet. Or why not a dual bullet...


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Most bullets are waterproof, since the idea is for them to be versitile, and able to on or in someone. The cords that are attatched to the bullet are either encased with the rubbery material of the bullet, or in this case, the cord is protected by a "gasket" inside and out. I will say that all of the bullets that I have reviewed, are waterproof, so far.

Adult toys will say if they're waterproof on their packaging, and we also do our best to let you know here on the board & in reviews if they are, in our experiences. If a box or description on here doesn't say waterproof, then the item probably isn't.

There was one toy that I recieved that didn't say if it was or not, but looked it to me, so I went as far as calling the toy company, to see if it was just an oversight on their part, and even THEY couldn't be sure if the product was waterproof or not, so in those cases, I would say don't risk it.

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High-Tech Bullet Collection

High-Tech isn’t something I’ve ever had much interest in, but this fun and shall I say very stimulating bullet set has caused me to reconsider. Luckily battery insertion (4 AAA batteries needed, not included) was simple and not the least bit high tech. Although it is plastic, it’s the satin feel finish which makes it pleasant to the touch. The two bullets included with my package were the mini-bullet and the G-spot bullet. They easily plug into the controller and are both water proof. Each bullet has its own switch and there are 10 settings for each which means 100 possible combinations - what fun!! Switching from one setting to another takes just the touch of a switch. After experimenting with many of the 100 possible combinations I got down to business and in no time at all was enjoying a wonderful series of orgasms. The only down side is that it does make a bit of noise and may be heard by others in the house. That said I’m looking forward to sharing this high-tech vibe with my SO as all those combinations could easily lead to a long and fun filled night. :rolleyes:

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