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My husband actually thought of this one, so being his loving wife I said I would post it and see what happens. Most of us know that communication is huge in letting our partner know what we like, don't like and what feels good and doesn't. So how do you strike up the conversation with your partner?

When I first met my husband of course we talked about alot of everyday things, we hit the sex talk a little to, I think that is because I have never been a shy type of person. The first time we were ever in bed he was the one that actually said, "babe where do you want me to start" I sort of giggled about it and then told him to start at my neck gently sucking and kissing it and lets see where it goes. :) Let me tell ya it sure went :lol: Here we are years later still trying new things and testing them out on each other. I know when I tell him what I think would feel better to me or this is what I found I like better I do it in a sexy kinda of way if in the heat of passion. Sometimes I know I make him laugh and him me. So just curious on the how you talk to you partner.

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Does beating him upside the head count?


As many of you know, my hubby is an old-fashioned thinker, and also gets his sexual ego bruised easily. So, after learning this at the beginning of our relationship, I subtly move his head where I want his attentions. I also give cues, the "yessssss", moans, thrusts, and other verbal cues go a long way!! Every so often, if he's just NOT getting it, I tell him, nicely. Then there are some nights where we talk dirty to each other. Some nights, when I get really aggressive, I will TELL him what to do. We start the night off with my aggression, so it goes over well.

I guess it depends on the mood of the night....

Great question!

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I've been thinking about this and I can't come up with a definitive answer. My husband and I have just always talked. We've told each other what we liked, what we would like to try, and if something was really good, we talk about it even outside the bedroom. We share fantasies in the bedroom and driving in the car (we have been married 31 years and can still make a round trip drive from Oklahoma to Florida and still not run out of things to talk about). We just talk and tell each other everything.

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