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Obviously I am new to this whole thing, otherwise I wouldn't be posting here. My best friend in all her infinite wisdom decided I had to have a vibrator since I didn't have a boyfriend and proceeded to buy me one for my birthday.

It is a slimline vibe with an attached bullet. It works quite well, now that I have figured out how to "work" it.

The only thing is the vibe is only 1 1/8 in girth and I like insertion and truthfully don't get much from it in that way.

Thus i was wondering what size girth would be good to go with without going overboard. I was also looking into something different, a g-spot or dual action vibe or dildo.

There are so many options and materials and I have read all the articles and still feel very lost. Plus I am on a serious budget and would prefer not to spend over 25 - 30$ if possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Welcome to the forum, and to the wonderful world of vibrators!! What a great friend to get you that!!

Anyway, a few suggestions from a woman's POV:

Ask yourself a few questions when looking for a new adult toy:

*Dildo (non vibrating phallis toy), or vibrator? Or even something else, like a clit stimulator?

*When you're having sex, do you like to feel full? How big is "too big" for your comfort level?

*realistic looking, or not?

*material toy is made of (some people like a more realistic feeling toy, like Real-Skin toys)

*shape of vibrator~G-Spot, straight, bumpy, ridges, slim, fat, bullet...

*How much are you willing to spend?

These questions will help narrow down what you want, when choosing another toy for yourself. I would also suggest possibly going to an adult toy shop, physically seeing what a toy looks like. Price comparisons never hurt anyone. Though, this site has the one year guarantee, so you'd be better off getting something here, IMO. And no, I don't get paid to say that!! LOL But TT has a great selection, and I'm sure you can find what you may want to try here too.

Myself, I love clit stimulators!! I have a g-spot vibrator that is kind of bulbous at the top, but slender at the base, and when used with a clit stimulator, sends me over the edge every time!!

If you're looking for versitility, I would suggest getting a toy that has more than one item on it, like the dual bullet, or even a kit, like these:

Vibrator Kits

I have the Infinite Pleasures Kit (with a GREAT clit tickler with it), and the Ultimate G-Spot kit. They're both fabulous!! And relatively in your range, over by a few dollars, but definitely worth the investment!!! I've also heard good things about the Vibro Plus Pleasure Trio Kit.

Kits offer great variety in what pleases you, and you can try different combos! Sometimes, when you use more than one toy, the results can be explosive (in a good way LOL)!!!!

I hope this helps!

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