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Problem With Boyfriend

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My boyfriend dropped in the other day when I was doing my laundry. He wanted to have sex and we ended up with me on the washing machine. It was running and the vibrations drove me through the ceiling. It was incredible. He left and within a half hour, his brother, Joe, came over to fix my computer. We ended up on the floor and I discovered that he is much more talented than his little brother. When I say "little" - you know what I mean.

Joe is 10 years older than me but he has a cock like a horse. I couldn't believe it. It was tough to take in and I figure that my bf's jiz helped lube me for Joe.

How do I break the news to his brother that I found a new lover?



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Let me say Welcome first off! WOW well you haven't said how long you have been with your boyfriend to begin with. Also maybe it is just me, and this is just my opinion to let you know so please don't take offense to it. Why would you do that anyway? I mean you slept with your boyfriends brother! I am not here to judge you and I don't want you to think that I am. I really am just having a hard time understanding that. I mean my rule is you never sleep with your bf's family even when you are broke up no brothers ect... Anyway on to your question.

First off, you have to be honest with him. He will prolly not only be extremely hurt and upset but communication is what needs to happen. How you tell him is really up to you. I will be really surprised if it doesn't cause a brother fight. I mean of course the brother is also at fault I don't want you to think that I am placing all the blame upon you, cause I am not. I would sit him down and tell him the truth, break it to him gentley. The guide to everything really is communication. Don't be surprised at his reaction either I mean it is his brother. He is going to prolly ask you why it happened, how it happened, and how you could do this to him. You should be prepared for those types of questions to. I mean exspecially since you had sex with him, and then shortly after him his brother.

I also think you need to ask yourself those same questions in order to be able to answer them for him. I mean me not knowing the relationship you have with your bf, I am having a hard time understanding this myself. I can tell you from my stand point if I was in his shoes I would be extremely upset. Also are you sure that his brother wants to have a relationship with you? I also want to let you know that this could really back fire on you to on the other hand, the brothers work out their problem and neither one wants anything to do with you. Bloo is thicker then water! Another question I have is the brother knows that you are his brothers gf right? I am sure he does but want to make sure.

The best advice I can give you is be honest, and be prepared. I don't know the type of relationship you have with your bf, but I will admit I would be furious. Also, I wanted to add to be honest with you from my stand point, size doesn't matter really if you love someone and care about them. You could have also have taught him your bf what you liked and disliked in bed. Again communication is key. Also if you are just judging a book by its size you may be in for a long heart breaking road. I wish you the best.

Good Luck!

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Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to decieve.....

I am also not here to judge, I'm just giving my opinion. I mean no disrespect.

Ok, well, I have had my own step-sister do this very thing to me. Twice even. She slept with 2 of my BFs in high school, and our relationship has never ever been the same. Not to mention there is no trust anymore.

Both times, my BFs were the ones that admitted that they'd slept with her, and that she had gone after them. I respected that they were honest with me, since they both told me tactfully, but those relationships were shot down too.

The problem lies not with your boyfriend, as your topic title suggests, but yourself. That no sex with a relation of your SO is important for the sibling's relationships. Girl/boyfriends come and go, blood is blood. Not only have you slapped your BF in the face, but have shown that, when it comes to him, you just don't care if you hurt him or not.

If you haven't taught your BF how to please you, then that's your fault. You're the one that cheated, and with the worst possible person to cheat with! His older brother may be a bit more experienced, and a bit more gifted in the penis size department, but trust all of us when we say SIZE ISN'T EVERYTHING. Good lovers are made, not born. Teach and be taught.

I know this sounds harsh, but I've been there, and know what pain your BF is about to go thru.

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First of all, let me just say that I could never do that to anybody, and I don't understand how other people could do it so cavalierly. That being said, you need to find out if this was just a one time thing with the older brother, or if he is even willing to have a relationship with you. You called him your new love, so there had to have been other encounters before this with him.

Since you cheated on your bf with his brother, his brother knows your a cheater; like they say, once a cheat, always a cheat.

I sense that something else must have happened because you wouldn't just screw up a great relationship overall for something like sex with a bigger penis; that sounds absurd. Perhaps you were just looking for an escape and his brother just happened to be there.

Regardless of if you start a relationship with the older brother or not, you need to tell your (soon to be ex) boyfriend. The longer you hide it, the harder it's going to be to fess up to, and the more it will hurt.

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