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It really depends on what type of item you are playing with. There are certain "penile" shocker items that actually send a small, electric shock to the base and head of the penis and this causes pleasure in some people. There are also "globes" and "orbs" that have electric passing through them,but when it gets onto your private parts it feels like an electric shock. There are also extreme forms of electro play where "electric rods" are inserted into the vaginal or anal canals and a small shock is then used to cause pain/pleasure.

I HIGHLY caution anyone thinking of trying electro pleasure to read and look at ALL the cautionary disclaimers. I have heard of more than one person who did damage to his penis by playing with a homemade electro shock item. So, please PLAY CAREFULLY!

There is a site I know that has some of such toys - if you want the link, PM me!


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I had no clue about this!! :blink: Just goes to show ya that there are lots of different tastes out there! Stay safe!

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