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I Am Sooo Upset With My Postal Carrier!


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My mail carrier usually brings up boxes I may have up to my driveway, honks the horn, and I go out and pick it up/sign, whatever. Even her substitute usually does this. My car is very obviously in the driveway. But, for some reason, they chose to drop off one of those "You have a package" slips instead of coming up my driveway. And, of course, the package is from TooTimid. <_<:wacko: The post office in this small hick town I live in, isn't open on Saturdays!!! Not even til noon!! Weird, I know.

So, I hafta wait til Monday to get my box. I am not good at this waiting thing........ Grrrr!!

Ok, I think I am done whining now. Thanks for reading! :P:rolleyes:

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Ooh! I know what ya mean! I live in Iowa, so I too have a small, crappy post office and weird postal carriers. <_< Grr...

Sorry you have to wait till Monday! I'd go crazy too, but hang in there! ;)

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I get it too, my post man leaves mine in the garage by the mail box, but my service come so early every morning, I have to wait an extra day all the time to get my stuff!! I was so hoping for the box today!

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