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A new box from TooTimid, what to try first?! I decide on the new

Decadence Mini G Spot Vibe. A lot of toys claim to give great G Spot stimulation, but few really deliver, so I'm always ready to try something new. The handy little vibe comes in a cool carrying case, very inconspicuous. The vibe has a great velvet feel to it, which is my favorite toy material. It has a grippy spin wheel to adjust the vibe, and takes one AA battery. The tip of the plastic vibe is curved up for G spot stimulation.

I turned on my new vibe and I could tell how much I was going to love it. The vibe is almost shaped like a curved finger, and is absolutely amazing for clitoral stimulation. Because of the velvet feel and its shape, I was able to give myself incredible direct stimulation to my clit. I started off with the vibe on low, just teasing myself with the vibe around my legs and around my clit. The velvet feel felt great on my skin, and I was soon turning up the vibe to see what this baby could do. Turned up stronger, I used the vibe like a finger to put pressure over my whole clit, covering it with amazing vibrations.

Turned all the way up, I quickly found myself orgasming. I wanted to try out it's G Spot capabilities, so I slowly inserted it curved side up. I dont like most toys that advertise as G Spot toys, but this is really perfect to help you find your G Spot. It is plastic and firm enough to put pressure on it, has a great vibe, and is actually closer to the right size to reach it. The tip of my

minivibe found my G spot and I used the body of the vibe to press against my clit at the same time. I could quickly feel an orgasm building and soon was having a toe curling and screaming orgasm.

This toy is really great for any woman, it's super effective, inconspicuous, and feels GREAT. It would be great for couples play as well, it doesnt look intimidating, and the velvet feel is much nicer than some of the other jelly toys. I highly recommend this toy!!

get shopping!

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Doc Johnson is infamous for fantastic adult toys. They have a very large array of stuff that you can pleasure from! I was really excited to get another of their toys called Decadence, which is a small “g-spot” waterproof vibrator, with a nice compact carrying case. I got the hot pink one, & it’s one of their Velvet Touch ones, where, it’s a hard plastic, but feels soft, like, well, velvet!

Taking it out of the box, I grab 1 AA battery out of my drawer (I have a bunch of batteries in my side table drawer by the bed! LOL), insert, twist the base back on, and turn the knob on the base. Well, it’s quiet, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the strength of the highest setting. But, what can you expect, being powered by one lonely battery?

The vibe is only 3.5” long, & 1” in diameter, which, along with the carrying case, is a perfect size for on-the-go. The Doc Johnson logo IS on the case, however, it’s not a different color, just raised lettering, so, if someone sees it fast, like in your purse or glovebox, they may just think it’s a razor or something of the like.

Grabbing some water-based lube (however, with this vibe, it doesn’t matter what kind you use, since it’s plastic), I turned the knob, & got busy. I’m the kind of gal that prefers a higher setting vibration, so, it took me a while to have a very small orgasm. Sad to say that the whole vibe is too short to reach my g-spot, & I have a feeling that it’s too short to do so with almost anyone else (unless you stick your fingers up in you with the vibe). It’s the perfect shape for it, but lacking on the length.

Anyway, this is a cute idea, & fun to try, but it wasn’t a huge winner for me. It may be a great idea for a beginner, just to get use to the idea of a vibrator, or for those that like a lesser vibe. But I wouldn’t recommend this as a g-spot vibe. I give it a 1 paw (out of a 4 paw) rating. Ermmmm.


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