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Ok me and my bloke have tried having sex slowly or sensually and it just doesnt happen we can never manage it and it always turns into fast hard sex. I dont have a problem with it infact its what we both enjoy..only problem is we're feeling limited positions wise, really we've only found ''doggy style'' or sex from behind gives us the ability to have sex how we like it we've also tried having my legs behind his head but I cant stay like that for more than 15 mins without it aching. So my question is does anyone know of any other positions we could use to get what we want from sex?


Iso8 x

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If you are talking about "pounding" sex - then most positions (probably not Tantric positions) will allow you this harder penetration. Try leaning over a chair, couch or bed - he can pull up behind you and really pound you. You can get on top of him, facing backwards (reverse cowgirl) and pound hard on him. He can sit on the couch, you mount him facing backwards and lean forward - he uses your hips to help bring you down hard onto him. Don't discount missionary type positions. The Flower Press (woman on back, legs back by her ears) really allows him to come down on you hard.

If you find that you cramp up - I suggest doing some limbering exercises so you don't cramp, or, change up positions. I am sure I could come up with some more, let me know if these help you.


P.S. don't discount slow sex - a longer, slower build-up can give you a bigger orgasm than you have ever imagined! ;)

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