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Have you heard of ‘the CONE?’ If not, let me tell you, this truly is a one of a kind intimate product. The CONE is more like a contemporary art piece than a sex toy – I swear, if you left it on your coffee table no one would ever be the wiser! However, once you try the CONE, you will keep it close to your bed and it will cease to be a conversation piece!

So, what makes this toy so remarkable and most importantly, different? Well, let us begin with the shape. As its name suggests, it is cone shaped – the base is approximately 7 inches around and the height is about 5 ½ inches – not a small cone in any light. It is made of a soft silicone and really feels soft. It has 16 programs – or vibration levels – and a special “ORGASM” setting. What makes the vibrations special? Well, with a 3-Volt, 3000 RPM motor you really can’t beat the vibrations with a stick!

This toy is hands free – just sit and play! while on first glance you would think this toy would not "do" anything it actually has some wonderful and unusual characteristics. The tip of the cone allows for minimal penetration – which may appeal to many women and men. This is an equal opportunity toy – anal stim, vaginal stim – your choice! So, how do you use a toy that looks like a cone? Well, I was really, really excited to try it out – and try it I did.

I put in the 3C batteries (hey, something has got to power that motor) and washed her off with antibacterial soap and water. Then, I was ready to play. The insert in the box indicates quite a few ways that this toy might be enjoyable – but I decided to simply “sit” on it and see what happened - when in doubt sit and spin!

I placed a pillow on my bed and the CONE on top of the pillow. I got on top and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and nice this toy felt. However, I was still a skeptic cause I LOVE penetration, and this toy was NOT giving me much of that. I reached down and pressed the button and the vibrations started. Not bad, very quiet and nice feeling – but I wasn’t screaming in ecstasy yet. I pushed the button until I was on the highest vibration – but I held off pushing the “orgasm” button.

I gently rocked back and forth and started feeling good – really, really good. I decided to hit the orgasm button and see what happens. It renders a quick and long, fast and slow alternating vibration pattern that really got me going! I was happy with the setting, but not entirely happy with the clitoral stimulation so I bent forward, letting the tip graze my clit. THEN it happened – I orgasmed in just a second after moving. Now I know why one of the suggestions is to lay on it!

This toy is very different. It did not get me to orgasm as quickly as many other toys, but it did get me to orgasm in a much more subtle and erotic manner. The build-up was slow, the toy was fun to use, and I DID have my orgasm! I think this would be a great toy for experimenting with anal play. I could see myself sitting on this toy while I gave my hubby a blowjob, or while we had sex. There are countless ways you can use this toy and I intend to try them all.

So, who would and who would not like this toy? Well, if you have a strong preference for insertion – this toy is probably not for you. However, if you have an imagination and like different toys – then this is DEFINITELY for you. IF you want a toy that is good for minimal penetration or anal stimulation – definitely yes. Now, if you do not have a large budget for a toy – then also not for you. This toy comes with a higher price tag – but isn’t your pleasure worth the price?

All in all, this toy was a surprise and a joy to use. I look forward to sitting on my cone while servicing my hubby or while getting pounded from behind while I lay on my tummy with the CONE buzzing my clitoris. I tell you, the possibilities are endless and this might very well be the newest trend in adult pleasure! So watch out toy players - there is a new toy in town and it is called THE CONE!

Sit and PLAY allllllll DAY!

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