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Orgasmicless - Please Help!

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Hi: I have a question/comment for all here. I am 35, female, lesbian/maybe bi-sexual, and been partnered for over 2 1/2 years, i cannot seem to get off with my partner, no matter what we try, or how long we try. I get aroused, wet, excited, etc. but can't finish. She can just fine and im happy for her, but i want some too. (lol) I think there is something wrong with my body, also neither my partner nor i can seem to find my g-spot. I like dildo, fingers, oral, anal, and we have tried these all.

What is a surefire technique or toy to get me off with my partner?

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Let me ask you, can you orgasm alone during solo play? Have you EVER had an orgasm with a partner, and was this partner male?

If you can get off solo, then perhaps you should start thinking about what it was that did it for you. Maybe you can teach your partner to do these things. Or, if your partner was male, perhaps there is something to what sex of partner you have chosen. I am bisexual as well, and for me I could always climax faster with a woman than I could with a man. I married a man, and he does just fine, but there was something about women that did it for me faster and harder. Perhaps you have the opposite issue.

Or, are you taking any medications?

I would suggest reading my articles on orgasm as well as the one on G-Spot orgasms. These may help enlighten you or strike something that you are doing or not doing.

Good luck!


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