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Does This Toy Exist?

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I'm new to toys and boy am I glad I found this forum. Great tips all around (no pun intended).

I was wondering if this toy exists anywhere.

I want a realistic strap-on dildo for role reversal blow jobs. but the strap-on shouldn't stop at the base. I want it to have a plug so it protrudes beyond the base and into the wearer so I when I'm stroking/sucking it I'm able to manipulate the wearer's vagina.

I know a double-dong will work for this, but I want the wearer to be able to walk around hands free.

So the requirements are:


-Strap on

-Plug attached to the dildo for vaginal manipulation

Thanks in advance.

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IF I am understanding it correctly, I am thinking that this item may be of interest for you and your lover:



I hope this helps?

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I think what you are wanting is the Feeldoe - this is toy goes up into one wearer, while protruding for the other wearer. You can walk with it in and it is hands free. It also vibrates. The problem is - it is not "realistic" - but some things you can't get all the facets in. I would suggest this for some dual fun!


The problem is, TooTImid used to carry it, the picture of it is still on site, but I can not find the product page. If you are interested, email Rob@tootimid and see if he still carries it.


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