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Hematuria And Rough Sex....?(medical Question)


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OK, Some of you have known me for quite a while and know I've had a few health issues recently plus any sexual background. Here's a new one: Can rough sex cause/aggravate as to have an episode of hematuria? Its the only thing I can come up with that was different/changed before my last episode of it. I only had 1 episode, but this is how it started the last time. My dr. gave me another antibiotic (Levaquin) because I also had strept throat and and earache and its a general "kill it all off" antiboitic...lol.

Any advice??

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She did submit a urinalysis to the lab, so hopefully, I'll find out today or tomorrow what the results are. As far as blood from a splenic injury...my spleen "exploded" in a MVA triple rollover 8 years ago...no chance of it being that. And, I haven't been dropkicked lately HAHA...just kidding Howard!!

Like I said, the only difference is that sex has been a bit on the rough side lately, which I'm not complaining about :P

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