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A hot afternoon!


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Like I told you in my last post my wife wanted to have a hot afternoon of sex today. And it was a fantastic afternoon. Around noon she went into start taking a shower while I got together a small charcuterie board. After making our snacks I joined her in the shower. We were hugging and kissing and cleaning each other and focusing on each other's genitals. She then got out and started drying off while I shaved, not only my face, but also my pubic area from my asshole to my balls and cock and pubes. I wanted to be silky smooth for the afternoon. We then took our snacks to bed and had a couple glasses of wine with us and put in a video on the art of oral sex. We then started giving each other massages using coconut oil infused with ylang ylang. After her massaging my back and rubbing oil all over my ass I told her she needed to lube my asshole, amd not just the outside but inside as well. So she started with one finger then two fingers and then she inserted a vibrator. Orgasm number one for me. She then had me turn over on my back and I told her I would if she would straddle my face while she massages my shoulders and neck. So she did and rubbed her pussy on my mouth and I licked and stuck my tongue deep inside her. Her orgasm number one.

She then got a hemp oil candle, lit it and started dripping melting wax all over my cock and balls. That was a real turn on. And then she reversed it and had a mouth full of cold drink and started sucking on me and the difference between a hot and a cold was just amazing. Orgasm number two.

It was then her turn to get a massage and I gave her a nice deep massage from head to foot and everywhere in between. I put my finger in her ass and another one inside her pussy and found her g spot and put pressure on it. Got her to squirt and then I got down between her legs and licked everything clean.

We then changed the video to the art of sexual positions and we were watching it while we were drinking our wine. And she said she wanted to try a couple of different positions which we did from missionary to doggy style to reverse cowgirl and that was orgasm number three for both of us. Awesome awesome day.

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