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Ot, But I Just Had To Share


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I'm an AUNT!!

My brother and his wife adopted a baby boy on Valentines day!

His mother is a drug addict and lost custody of him when she tested positive for drugs the day he was born.

His name is montesmacias, and he is the MOST precious baby ever.

Sadly, he did test positive for drugs at birth, so far there have been no major complications with withdrawls or adverse side effects.

I am crossing my fingers that things will stay this way.

So now I am savig my pennies and planning a trip to AZ this summer so I can go see my nephew.

ok, thanks for letting me boast about monty.

/brag off

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Congrats to your family!! Unfortunately, people who get hooked on drugs, don't even realize the pain they cause others. Its a hard sad fact. I'm glad your sister was brave enough to take on a baby that will have health issues (withdrawal and such). Kuddos to her!!

Great brag! YAY!!! Great news is always welcomed by me!!

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My wife and I are foster parents and so we know how this goes. Congrats to the new addition and best wishes to their family!

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Congrads to you and your family

My mother was foster mom and two of the children she adopted were drug babies but now their fine they are now my children once my mom past we adopted them for legal reason so i know exactly how your brother feels and you way to go i am so happy for you all

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