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Sex Tips/ Techniques/ Moves For Women While Having Sex :)


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so i was looking around the internet and just seeing wuts new pout there and some things i could do while having sex to him to make it that much better, it is great for me but i want to suprise him and do things to him to make it THAT much better, any advise on ANYTHING???

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Welcome to the forum LastKiss!

I wonder, have you spent any time perusing the site? The reason I ask is, that there are already thousands of good ideas on everything on how to give a killer blowjob to the best sex positions to whether you should swallow or not. There is an excellent (if I do say so myself) section on Sex Ed (see above tab) which also has tons of articles on different sexual topics.

So, is there something specific that you have not found, or were you looking for something in particular that we can direct you to?

Mikayla :P

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Just saying that you want to spice up your sex life, is a good start, but, like the others have said, we need specifics. Great lovers are taught, not born. What you may like, someone else may not. What your BF may like, another guy may not.

Ideas are great! But we need a little more to go on.

I would also recommend the Sex Education articles, of course. But also, try looking at the sex toys with or without your BF. A lot of the toys have personal experience reviews, from real people, using real words, not promotional hype. Sometimes, cruising & looking at toys is just as fun as using them!

The thing to remember about sex, is that it's adult playtime!!

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