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G-spot Bendable Stimulating Vibe


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So, I get this vibe, and the first thing that comes to mind is Odd. GK Toys comes out with some unique shapes, and this one is VERY different! It’s a hot pink vibrator with nubbies everywhere! We love the nubbies! Reading the package, I see it has 7 vibe settings to go to the 3, yes 3 bullets in it!. Well, time to take this out wash it carefully, since it’s not waterproof, and there was barely any smell to it, and it wasn’t sticky at all, but satiny-soft. I love satin-soft vibes. 4 AA (not incl) later, I turn on the vibes. I LOVE strong vibes, and setting 3 will do it for me for sure. But the other 6 settings were nice too. Although, the only powerful bullet to me, seemed to be the smallest (middle) one. I try the rotations of the head, and am curious to see how this is going to work. I notice that this is not a quiet toy either.

So, I settle in, lube up my toy, and go for it. The clit stimulator and the small G-spot stimulator feel really good against my clit. I put the bigger one on the top, and put the smaller one on my clit, and had a couple of smaller orgasms. Alright!! We show promise! Excited at the new prospect, it's time to see what this baby can do on the inside! The head went in easily, and I was getting excited at the thought of the g-spot bullet caressing it’s target. But, well, since the g-spot stimulator is bendable, I had to help guide it in properly. Then it stayed bent towards the outside, even with thrusting. Hrmmm. I turned on the rotations, and it felt really good, all those nubbies caressing, rubbing, and vibing. I was able to cum, but there was no g-spot orgasm for me. Color me disappointed.

For me, I prefer a firmer g-spot toy to hit that spot. This toy just didn’t do it for me. The smaller stimulator just had way too much bend to it, and not enough room to get in there and then hit the spot properly. Plus, getting it inside of me was a bit of a trick too. It worked in all of the other areas, but just didn’t do what it claimed to be: a G-Spot vibe. But, what doesn’t work for one, may work for another…..

Think Nubbies

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