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Have You Ever Been Rejected Sexually?


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OK, I editted this, cuz after I read it, I'm sure everyone's been rejected as far as having someone say they were too tired here and there, so!!!

What is the worst way you have been rejected? How do/did you handle it?

I've been rejected once by a guy that I had just started sleeping with. It kinda stung, especially so early into the relationship, but he was nice about it, so I didn't let it really bother me. Then, one other time, my now hubby (we were engaged) and I were moving, driving all the way back up to Maine, from TX, and he was driving, and the second day into it, when we stopped, I wanted to get freaky, but he said that he was just too tired. It bugged me a bit, but I understood especially since he did all of the driving and heavy lifting moving the stuff into the truck.

So I guess mine were pretty minor!

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Well first to answer the question, yes in fact my husband has turned me down before because he was to tired, and also at another time because he had hurt himself at work.

As far as Toocans comment, sorry but it kinda hit a nerve. As far as for you to say that 99.9percent of the time it is us "girls" that have the final say on whether there is sex or not, I find that comment to be very untrue. This is just my opinion of course but in this day in age there are just as many men saying no as there are women., and to say that we all have half the money and ALL the pussy. Well to turn the table guess what you all have half the money and all the PENIS!!!! To say that men put up with this more then women is highly incorrect to, men use the excuse I am to tired, had a hard day at work, to much stress ect, and yes I have heard from my GF that her husband has used the excuse that he was to sore etc.... I think that in today's world the sexual relationship between a man and a women really has alot to do with the stress each one of the deals with on an everday basis, and how the deal with it. Not saying that women have more stress then men, but men and women handle it differently.

I could go on and on about this but I just wanted to state my opinion.

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I also found Toocan's comment a little....off. Yes, it is true that women have the RIGHT to say no to sex if they do not want it - just as men also have the right to say no. I am one woman who HAS had sex when I was not exactly in the mood, or had a headache. I think that having sex when your partner wants to is important - men can feel rejected too. I also have said "no" if I was TOTALLY not in the mood or if I had any kind of illness (flus etc), a heavy period or even a yeast infection once. Men do not get yeast infections, and if they did, believe me, they would NOT want to have sex either! Nor would they want sex if they had premenstral cramps or a heavy, clotty period! YUCK!

It is not so much as women have "all the pussy" and "half the money" women are usually the ones who are approached and asked by the men in their lives to have sex. In most cases, women do not initiate sex, and when they do, men seem to always want it. I have never been turned down by any man whom I wanted to sleep with, but I have had some "issues" with my hubby in the past. I have talked about how when he got his new job a few years back, he was too stressed to have sex. He would tell me he just couldn't. I didn't see this as rejection, I knew what was going on and made it my mission to help him relax and feel more in the mood. Got his mind off work, so to speak.

Many men (notice, I said MANY not ALL) do not think about what is going on with the woman they want to fuck. They do not think about their stressful jobs, the kids, or whatever else. So, they get offended when the woman says "not tonight" and don't try to fix what is wrong with her at the moment - stress - or whatever else. This is the difference between men and women. I am most sure that there are some men who are willing to help their partners through a rough patch to make their overall life and sex life better - but they are few and far between. I have such a man -none of my friends do -so statistically, it is about 1 in 12.

This is an interesting question, I would like to hear from more men. However, to just state that 99.9% of the time the woman is in control is unaccurate as well as unfair. Perhaps that has been Toocan's experience, it is not mine!

Mikayla ;)

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We all have from time to time, espeically in a long term marriage. My husband had heart problems and medication issues that lasted several years, Talk about tough...he started avoiding ANY physical contact so it couldn't accidently lead to expecting sex, anyway the Dr.s finally found the right combo of meds that allowed things to work right again about a year and a half before he died. It was like we were newlyweds again!

Ladies; The most erotic scene in any movie I have yet seen was in a movie 30 years ago, called Emmanuelle in Bangkok, starting Sylvia Kristal, where she and her husband go to a Thai bathhouse and are given massages by two Thai women who remove their clothes, and use their entire bodies to massage both the man and woman on separate tables. pouring warm soap and water over their bodies before laying on top of them an rubbing the soap and water all over them with their bodies.


I saw that movie Howard!! And yes it is still one of the most erotic scenes I've ever seen as well... the women rubbing their soapy bodies all over her.

Not graphic just so sloooooooow and sensual.. OH MY!!

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