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Really Shiny Body Oil

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So I need to have a quick answer so I can order this item online, but my husband has been watching a lot of pornos where the girls are oiled up. So we are spending a weekend in Atlantic City and I want to surprise him by wearing thigh highs, high heels and I'm going to be oiled up. But I find that baby oil doesn't stay as shiny as the ones in the pornos...it dries up really quick. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would need to know this weekend so I can order it on Monday.

Thank you.

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Not having ever used oil to slick myself up, I don't have an answer for you as to what would work best. My reply about your comparing the look of the oil in reality to the look of oils in pornos though, would be this: remember that movie sets have professional lighting and the lights are set-up specifically to enhance whatever aspect of the picture the director wants. In other words: they work the lighting to make the girls look shinier. I'm sure some of the oils the people wear also have "glittery" stuff added to them to also help enhance the effect.

Have a fun trip to Atlantic City! :)

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