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Ok so I've read some of the topic that mention cleaning toys and I know I have to use warm water and ati-bacterial soap my question is can I use dawn antibacterial dish soap?

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Just make sure you get it COMPLETELY washed off!


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Yes, antibacterial soap (just the liquid, not the kind that may have some extra "scrubbing beads" or anything in them) are ideal for toy cleaning.

Some people put their toys in the dishwasher, which, after working for a large retail chain that happens to sell home appliances, I don't recommend for most toys, just cuz of the materials that they're made of. The heat and pressure of the water will take off any possible paint, or finish, over time, off most anything. Glass toys are the safest in the dishwasher. But also, remember, hand washing with warm water is best, especially for those BOB's (battery operated boyfriends), since you can pretty much control how little water can get into parts. Rinsing is important. Remember, a little soap goes a long way too.

I have a large hand pump in the bathroom, that I get those large refill bottles, and just refill as needed. I use the soap not only for our hands, and face, but also for my toys as well.

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