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I'm A Nubby Lover!


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Oh man, it has been a long time since I first reviewed the Magic Massager! If you recall, I wrote the review under the heading of "THe Sex Toy That Wasn't!" In the end, I decided that the magis massager IS a sex toy! A while back I was sent an attachment for it - called the Nubby Lover - which is basically a jelly cover that goes over the end of the massager head and it has hundreds of "nubbies" to stimulate your.....spots!

If you are unfamiliar with the massager, let me post a picture for you:


You can see how the nubby cover would fit perfectly on the end of the massager. This massager is SUPER powerful and really does an excellent job all by itself, but WITH this little cover....the results are out of this world! I usually play with my massager alone because I can sit and give myself endless orgasms with it and honestly, when I am finished, I am EXHAUSTED! So, with my hubby on yet ANOTHER business trip, I got out my massager and put on the nubby lover head. I ran this over my body to see how it would feel for "massage" purposes and I can say, it was nice but sticky. It kind of clings to your skin a bit. This attachment comes with lube, and I was going to use it.

I poured some lube on to my vaginal area, and began to rub it on with the massager turned off - then, I turned it on. OH MY GOD! The sensations are truly amazing! The little nubbies vibrated and grabbed at my clit and within seconds - literally seconds I was in a series of massive orgasms! The pleasure is indecribable except to say that it becomes almost painful the amount that I orgasmed within a 5 minute period! I am 100% a NUBBY LOVER!

I would NOT recommend this to the faint of heart! This WILL get you where you want to go and right quick! If you have trouble orgasming - give this a shot - if this can't do it, I do not know what can. If you are on the search for multiples - give this a shot! Perhaps you already have multiples and are looking for something different - this is IT! Ladies, every woman interested in some serious stimulation HAS to own a magic massager and nubby cover! What are you waiting for - become a NUBBY LOVER!!!!

Get NUBBY with it!

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"Nubbies are a Girl's Best Frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend!!"

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That is one helluva recommendation, Mikayla. And, from someone of your knowledge and experience, I would hope women will flood the store with orders. It sounds like you may have found a vibrator that is guaranteed to get a woman her orgasms, whether she has ever had one before or not. My hat is off to the makers of this simple looking toy.


I gotta admit, this was OUTSTANDING and FAST getting me to orgasm - but it is INTENSE - so I caution those who want to delay the moment. I have seen these toys used in a lot of bondage scenarios where the master wants to literally numb his sub - and I can definitely see why that would happen! Glad you liked the review!

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