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You know, I think there are probably at least 50 or so G-Spot vibrators available on site now. Small ones, large ones, dual actions, rotating ones. So, how do you KNOW which one to buy? Well, I would suggest reading the reviews and trying to find the one with the best ratings. Personally, I love G-Spot vibes that are smaller and hand-held - they seem to get to my spot better and faster. Such is the case with this little wonder!

Similar to the mini-G-Spot vibe that I tested out not too long ago, this mini-vibe really packs a punch for something so small. Measuring a mere 5.3" long and a diameter of only an inch or so, it has all the components necessary for a good G-Spot vibe:

Smaller length - hey, your spot is only a few inches up in your vagina - why have a longer toy?

Made of harder material - this one is rubber-esque - for compressing the spot with a harder pressure.

CURVED end - you have to have a curve at the end to rub the spot just right.

Multi-Speeds - put it on low until you find the spot, then jam it up to HIGH for stimulation

Waterproof - hey, bathtub fun at its best, and you don't have to worry about the "squirt."

See, everything you need packed into a toy that only costs $10.00! Bargain at twice the price! So, I am sure you want to know how did it work for me? Well, let me skip to the good part and tell you that I had a FANTASTIC G-Spot orgasm with this baby! How did I do it? Well, let me fill you in!

My hubby LOVES G-Spot toys, he likes to see the "squirt" - so I included him in playing. Just coming home from a business trip I knew he would be up for anything - and he was definitely UP! We of course had some good oral lovin' first to get me all worked up and ready (the more aroused you are, the better your chances for the big G-O). Once I had an orgasm under my belt (literally, UNDER my belt - hee hee) I encouraged my hubby to use the little toy. We had already washed it and put in the 1AA battery.

I spread my legs, got comfortable and ready. He teased my clit first (he is such a tease) and then started to insert the toy. It is just large enough for decent feeling, and definitely firm enough for stimulation! He pushed and moved and played for just a few minutes until he brushed my spot. I could tell instantly that I was going to have a massive G-O cause when he brushed the spot I almost jumped up! He knew he had it, so he turned up the speed and pushed the toy more into the side of my vaginal wall!

Knowing exactly what would do it for me, he also started fingering my clit with his free hand and BAM-O - I started to squirt! I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't know that I was going to GUSH all over his face! It was the most intense G-O I have had in a long, long time! The best part? My hubby didn't move the little toy and I had another one right away! I can honestly say this toy is worth every, single penny and then some!

I would recommend this toy to anyone interested in experiencing or trying to have a G-Spot Orgasm! This is again proof positive that bigger is not always better! I HIGHLY suggest every woman buy one of these little gems and GO AT IT! I wish you the best of luck and plan on playing with my little toy in the tub later!

Get the G-O

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Carnaval G-spot vibrator review::

Carnaval G-Spot Vibe

Carnaval G-spot Vibrator

This wonderful little gem was amazing, I love the ease of use, multiple speeds and it’s waterproof!

The package it comes in is easy to open and can double as storage once your toy is dry, it did not come with a battery, though it was not hard to find the 1 AA it requires to operate, the battery door is easy to find and open without to much guess work! This awesome vibe did not have any overwhelming smells to it, a hint of rubber fume but not enough to discourage, after a good before use wash the smell was gone, the texture of this vibe is wonderful, not the hard plastic of many and not so soft that you can’t feel it in your most exhilarating moment! The length and girth of it is a good size not so small that you need to work yourself into a sweat to get aroused and not so large that it makes it uncomfortable to really use the G=spot of this vibe, I absolutely love the many speeds it can go through, it took me from the lightest most softest vibration to the max in which felt ever so good during my moments of climax, and did I mention, it’s waterproof!!!!!

I would suggest this vibe to anyone large or small framed who does not need a weed blower size vibration to get off to, it cleans up very nicely and once dry fits back nicely into it’s package! I give this amazing G-spot vibe a strong 8 out of 10!

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