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The Best New Toy I Have Tried


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I have got to say, this vibe ROCKS! When you have over 200 toys, it is definitely hard to find something new that will stand out amongst the many - but this toy DOES. Not only is it a unique vibrator but the dual action of this toy is the NIPPLE STIMULATOR - that I discovered works in more ways than one!

This toy is the perfect size for beginners and advanced players alike - 6" long and 1.25" wide. The best part? The shaft of this toy has 2 sections of pleasure nubbies - and each is different. The head to about 2 inches down has little, upraised, soft ticklers. The lower 4 inches has a combination of large and small upraised dots. The sensation when you just touch it with your hands is very unique. The head is a bit larger than the base - which resembles a real penis - if a penis was purple and soft jelly that is!

This toy also LIGHTS UP (which is a great favorite of my hubby) as well as rotates and vibrates in 7 different functional combos! The unique part is that attached to this vibrator is a nipple stimulator suction and sensation cup. THe little disk goes right over your nipple, and then you "squeeze" the bulb to make it stick on. There is a little vibrator in the nipple stimulator as well which activates the small pleasure nubbies in the disk! I ask you, what is better than that???

I wanted to share my experience with this toy with my hubby, so I waited 2 long nights to play with him. When he FINALLY got to bed on that 3rd night I was READY to play. I had washed her and put in the 4AAA batteries (you have to take out the battery pack to insert all 4). My hubby investigated the toy and found that it lights up - that was all the encouragement he needed! First I placed the nipple stimulator onto my right nipple (that is my favorite nip) and suctioned it on. That little suction cup thing REALLY holds on well. My hubby even pulled and rotated for good measure - and that felt DIVINE!

Then he started teasing me with the vibrator - just rubbing it up and down between my slit. Let me tell you, the soft nubbies on the head, along with the nubbies on the shaft felt really, really, REALLY good on my clit! I was in heaven and the thing wasn't on yet! Then....then he turned it on! I was first surprised by the rotating nubbies on the nipple stimulator - it goes AROUND in a circle! I was really surprised and AROUSED. It felt SOOOOOO good!

Then, already being lubed up - we inserted the toy slowly! I must say, the vibrating and rotating action of this toy is very, very unique! It kind of roatates and slides from side to side - it reminded me of the way a snake would slither! I didn't care, this snake could slither right up into me! The pleaure nubbies felt GREAT inside and I felt my orgasm building quickly. Then I had a BRAINSTORM! I wondered if the nipple stimulator would work as a CLITORAL STIMULATOR! I was bound to find out - so I removed it from my nip and placed it on my clit (nice rhyme huh). Sure enough, not only did it stick but that rotating pleasure wheel had me to MULTIPLE orgasms in just seconds after placing it there!

This toy really is unique and has it all - lights for fun undercover action, nipple OR clitoral stimulator, fantastic vibrations, GREAT pleasure nubbies AND multi-functions (for multi-orgasms!) This toy does NOT smell like a "sex toy" is not sticky and really does work well. The only complaint or comment I have is that it is a bit on the loud side. The good news - it sounds like a motorized car - so most people would not think you were playing with a toy!

I would GLADLY recommend this toy to any woman! I think beginners would enjoy the difference and the nipple stimulation - and advanced players such as myself are always looking for something different - and this toy IS! I do not know what this toy is made of - I believe it is jelly - so use a water-based lubricant to be safe. This toy was a GIANT success and surprise in my bedroom - let it be equally as satisfying in yours!!


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Well, the women will understand this, but the men may not. I have one breast where the nipple is a little "perkier" - as in, it still points outward, by other nipple is on the breast that points a bit "downward" as that is the larger breast. My favorite is the one that points OUT and on the breast that is still extra perky! The reason is, it seems easier to play with, grab and feels more intense for some reason.

I do not know how the other nip feels about it - but I suspect that since she is always facing downward, she is depressed! :P

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Toy Reviewed: The Dual Stimulator ("Nipple Stimulating Vibe" on box.) by GK Sex Toys



Stars: 4/5

This if a pretty nifty toy. The Dual Stimulator comes with a lot of texture, including the stimulation nubs along the head. The feel is very sleek and easy to clean with a run under warm water. Once you have put the 4 AAA's inside the cool retractable battery compartment more than likely you will notice this toy lights up. (I don't know if they all will right away, but there is a button at the very bottom with an on/off switch for the entire vibe. It took me awhile to notice this tiny feature.) The vibrator itself has 7 different options between the vibration speeds/combos to the rotation of the head. The attachment to this was the "nipple stimulation", which I found so obnoxiously loud that I simply could not stay in the mood with it on. Which sucked because if you want the head to rotate you have to have the attachment on also. I'm contemplating cutting that off. I did try it on my clit with the suggestion of another review, but it really didn't do much for me and it kept falling off. The lights 'dance" to the beat of the vibration combos, so this would be a fun toy for in the dark or by candlelight.

I would really recommend this product who's not quiet new to the play toy scene. It can be quiet intimidating with all of the buttons and noise. Unless you know the combo of what you like, I would suggest using this with someone instead of yourself. I, myself had an issue playing alone, the buttons aren't easy to manipulate if you're new to this toy. I did enjoy my time with this toy once the nipple stimulation was turned off, and my Significant Other enjoyed using it on me because of all the buttons and lights. It is well worth it if you can drowned out the sound (or get rid of it) and love different options and multicolored lights.

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