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I used to think the whole squirting thing was fake. I would watch squirting porno's and say to myself, "that's gotta be fake, they're peeing. Wish my wife would pee like that" Then about 2 years ago, outta nowhere, I was performing oral sex and using a small vibrator on my wife and whoosh. there it was. My face and hands were wet and my wife had collapsed from pure delight.

Since then I am able to help her squirt for several seconds using my tongue and the 2 fingers technique. I know this isn't my wife faking to please me as I have never shared this particular fantasy with her (and she wouldn't watch a porno if I paid her) Besides I can feel the whole thing happening. Not sure I can explain what I mean.

Sometimes she will squirt and sometimes she won't. Even if I do the same thing. She tells me when she cums (and admits when she doesn't) and it isn't always a wet sloppy squirt.

So tell me, what is this mysterious fluid, where does it come from. Is it pee that is involuntarilly forced out due to her muscle contraction and the manipulation of my fingers. Or is it something else.

More importantly, is there a particular toy I can use to increase her satisfaction even more as well as my chances of a nice juicy shower.

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