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So, This Bullet Plugs Into This Toy, And This One..


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Ok, see that controller there? It's what I have had the longest. It's amazingly powerful compared to all of the other toys I have bought. When I got it it came with two silver bullets.

One of them has died.

So I'm wondering if I could buy another similar bullet and plug it into this controller, seeing as it would pump out more power?

Or do they each require their own because of voltage or something?

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Most toys have the same size plug, and can be interchangable. I have one controller that packs more power, add my favorite bullet with clit stimulator, and I cum 100% of the time when I use it! So,

I would say it's worth a shot. Now, if the bullet is really small, and you plug it into something that packs a lot of power, that may be risking the bullet's life. But, if the new bullet is about the same size as the original, I would say go ahead and try it. I've done this with a few toys, with no troubles. You never know until you try.

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