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Piercings are something that I have always liked . . . maybe even enjoyed getting them. :D I don't have many, just the basics really, a few in each ears and belly button.

I am thinking about a triangle coochie piercing. Anyone have any insight? Hell yes? God no? Turn on/off? Experiences?

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There is a similar post on piercings already floating around forum - you might want to check it out for more information. Basically, what you want to do is go to a piercer who you trust, make sure they are licensed and sterile, ask him / her what genital piercing is recommended for your body. Not all of those piercings work well for everyone. The triangle is a particular piercing, and if you do not have the proper "privates" you would be better served with a clitoral hood one.

I find genital piercings on women divine and sexy - if you want to get one, go for it, just observe common sense and don't rush into it. Look through the forum for more advice!

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I've got 3 in the left ear and a navel. My gf had a hood piercing but had to remove it for a hysterectomy and it closed. She did enjoy it while she had it though. As long as you get a piercer who has been properly taught you will be better asking their opinion of what you could do! I hope you enjoy it!!!

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