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Looking For Something Strong

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so here i am, asking for help. im not new to toys but ive never been fully satisfied. i find it hard to get off and i figure if i find something really good i can "relax" while my dh is gone leaving me with my 2 babies without him to do it. plus i like to get going a little before we start so that we can finnish at about the same time.

well any ideas?


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An adjustable speed bullet seems to be a good idea. You can use it on a slower setting if you like the build up to a better orgasm, or you can use the higher speed if you like those strong vibes. Another option is a dual action if you like both the feeling of insertion and clit stimulation. Once again, if you get an adjustable speed one you can vary the vibes to suit your wants and needs. If you take a look under the shopping section you'll find quite a few that have product reviews done by TooTimid's very own review team.


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I guess it would depend on your preferences. I need a little more info before recommend something.

What *I* like, is a nice, strong vibe directly on my clit (I use a bullet with a clit stimulator on it), or The Hustler Rock-ItAND a dildo for that FULL feeling, like The All American Vibrating Dildo. Works for me everytime!!

About 85% of women need CLIT STIMULATION to get off, so using just a vibe or dildo vaginally, may not work for you.

Best wishes & happy experimenting!!

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One thing you can do all day long, standing, or sitting, and even walking is Kegel Exercises. These will build the muscle tone of your genital muscles, and improve the nerve connections between your brain and those muscles. That will also make you more sensitive to stimulation in and around your vagina, and clit, making it easier to become aroused, and giving you great control to open and close your labia around your DH's cock. Some women report that a regular routine of doing Kegels daily results in them lubricating easier, and enjoying having more control during love making. I have yet to hear of a downside to doing Kegels. They even sell weighed devices to use to test the grip strength and retention powers of your labia. With good muscle tone, and practice, its possible for you to pull your husbands cock into your pussy solely using your vaginal muscles, and then also push it out. And, you can sit on him and milk his cock to climax while you also achieve your own orgasm when you want it. These skills, of course, are " graduate level " sex ed courses, and are rarely learned overnight.

Where could I find those devices? I’ve done Kegels for a little while now and I want to be sure I’m doing them correctly.

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