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Hi everyone, I have been having trouble climaxing in the last 6 months and can't figure out why. Thought I'd join this site and might be able to figure out if anyone else has the same problem. It seems like my get up and go just got up and went. :angry: I have been married for 20 years to the same wonderful woman

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Welcome Pilgrim, and I hope you're able to gain alot of insight from this site.

As far as your issue, there are several possibilities, and there are many posts just like yours all over the place. Usually found in Everything Else & Ask a Sexpert.

Things like ED, stress, medical issues (diabetes, blood pressure problems), injuries, weight, diet, activity levels, boredom in the bedroom, all can be factors.

MY personal best advise to you woud be to talk to your doctor. That's what (s)he is there for. They've heard it all, and are there to help you! They can run tests, verbal and bloodwork, to figure out why this is happening.

Again, welcome fellow Texan! Best wishes!

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I want to clarify your question, you say you can no longer climax, but does that mean you can no longer get an erection, or you loose your erection, or you can keep an erection but it doesn't come to a climax or does it mean you don't feel the same sensations?

The answers to these questions can really help. It can be as simple as a new medication you might be on (are you on any?) to a more serious issue like diabetes or Erectile Dysfuntion.

In order for me to more properly advise you, I need to know the answers to my questions!


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I have this trouble from time to time, You'll be horny as hell, and the build up of semen will get uncomfortable, and the erection will still be firm but you just can't get pushed over that edge. I do it usually on the second round of sex and mostly late at night. one reason I hate doing it at night because it could have something to do with being tired. One thing that gets me off is my lady putting her finger on my anus and even starting to slowly penetrate.

I not sure but I think this might be an age thing, sometimes I can be horney and just not get full erection. I have not noticed a pattern as of yet but I did start back at the gym recently and since then I noticed sex just got better until aunt flow shows up to spoil the fun


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