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Trojan does it again with this combo of safe and fun sex! My hubby and I decided to have some fun last night, and break out a new item to try, so we got out the Trojan Vibrating Ring and condom. I opened up the small cardboard box, not really knowing what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the vibrating ring and the condom were in separate sealed packages. Gotta love companies that care about hygiene! There are also detailed instructions on how to use the ring, and, of course how to put a condom on.

You can use the ring with or without the condom, making this a bit more versatile! Hubby & I use condoms as part of our birth control methods, so we used the ring WITH the condom.

The ring is a small jelly fairly stretchy ring; with the bullet vibe fully encased & is powered by a small battery that can last up to 20 minutes, so this ring is a one-time toy. There’s an easy to flick switch on one end of the vibe, which has 2 settings: ON and OFF. The vibes provided were pretty good! And the nubbies on the stimulation bullet were not too soft, and not too hard, but juuuuuuust right! There is one big nubbie in the middle for more direct clit attention. The inside of the ring is a bit wavy, adding a bit more sensation for the man’s cock.

After some oral attention on both our parts, hubby easily put the latex condom on his erect member first, then the cock-ring over it and all the way up to his pubic area, which was freshly shaved for my pleasure! The ring was big enough for his member, but not stretchy enough for his member AND balls. This would’ve caused him some pain. Since we were both ready for action, he slid inside me easily, and we both enjoyed the vibes from the cock-ring very much. And, the bullet vibe didn’t hit too hard, and not too soft, it, again was juuuuuust right! It stayed right where it needed too, unlike some cock-rings, which may be a bit too tall, or oddly shaped and not hit just the right spot. Nope, this thing did its job, and did it well! We enjoyed the sensations, which, incidentally, lasted longer than 20 minutes. The vibes were getting a bit s-l-o-w by the time we were done, but since it was well over the advertised time, the ring gave all, and we were rewarded!

This item was so easy to use, and, we really liked this a lot. Who says practicing safe sex can’t be fun?

Wrap up, vibe on!!

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