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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t play games with me”? Well, with this new sexy couples game, Sex Gone Wild, you will definitely WANT to play games for hours with your lover!

This game will bring out the animal in you and your lover. This playful foreplay game for 2 people only, is packed with lots and lots of fun, teasers, and will definitely make you laugh! The game includes a foldable game board, 2 playing pieces, large die, trivia cards, His & Her Go Wild cards, and the Mystery Request cards. It comes in a small box, about the size of the box that those desk day-by-day calendars come in.

The cards range in quirky fun activities, such as throwing on a tie and doing a sexy waddle for your mate, like a penguin, for the men; to teasing your partner with the same way a female tiger grooms, nuzzles, licks and rubs herself all over her mate. There are also factual tidbits about how many animals court one another that will make you go WOW! Like how the female pig’s orgasm can last up to 30 minutes! Kinda makes me wanna be a pig!!! :P:lol:

My husband and I had lots of LOL fun with this game, playing, growling, teasing, and unleashing our inner beasts! We never did get to the end of the board though! We, um, got a bit distracted! We’re usually quite competitive (in a fun way), but this game had us going wild instead! B)

Laughing and having fun in the bedroom is not only a great way to distress after a hard day, but it also helps reconnect with your lover. Sex is adult playtime people! This game will really let you want to unleash the beast in you!

Do you dare to Go Wild?

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ok BF and I love board games, what better game than a "sex" board game!!! Great review, I will have to order that...I order at least one toy a week from here now, so this will be on this or next weeks order!! Thanks :D

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