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Candies Egg And Controller


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Doc Johnson wins me over with another great treat! Despite the shimmer and shine of the hard plastic exterior of the egg and remote, this amazingly well made combo is waterproof and powerful. Two AA batteries are all you need to get great vibes from this sweetie. Even though the controller may be waterproof, I personally would not submerge the controller part for fear of a shorter lifespan on this wonderful toy. I am sure it can handle quite a few splashes and wet hands, but my personal preference is not to submerge the electronic parts of toys.

I have disliked hard plastic vibes in the past, but the smooth plastic of this sweetie made me fall in love. For external stimulation, hard plastic may be my new favorite. Although the toy is plastic, try to avoid silicone lubes as there are rubber plugs on the egg end of the cord to avoid water leaking into the toy. Silicone lube may deteriorate these plugs and leave this toy only to be used on dry land. I used silicone lube on the egg and it was either that or the toy cleaner that I used that made the shimmer coat on the egg wear off.

The shape of the egg itself has to be one of the biggest selling points. If you’ve never tried an egg, you need to! Much like a bullet, this can be used for mainly external stimulation, but the added girth makes it wonderful to place inside as well. An inserted bullet I find does not tickle my fancy as they are too slim to give a full feeling. But an egg has more girth and can sit practically anywhere you place it inside. Used externally, an egg gives extra coverage on the clit and labia and can stimulate both at once. The extra girth and length also can stimulate both testes at once to make the men out there happy.

Now for the controller. The controller is easy to use with up and down arrows and four lights to indicate which speed the egg is vibrating. Just hit the up arrow to turn on and move up the speeds. The low setting is a little weak for my taste, but is good for a warm up or a teaser. The interesting part is when you get to the third setting. This is a whirlwind leg shaker of a speed, and it’s not even the highest. Level four has divinely strong vibrations which are equally as strong at the tip and the base. Amazingly quiet for how powerful this egg is, it’s an all around great vibe for beginners or more advanced toy users alike.

To the Candies Shop!!

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Candies Egg & Controller


I LOVE this Toy! It comes in a clear, trendy package, allowing you to see the product inside. The toy itself is pretty – shiny metallic in pink or purple. The size of the egg is nice because it covers a lot more surface area than a conventional bullet. It can be used to stimulate the clitoris and vulva or can be inserted into the vagina or anus. It is also nice for a male to stimulate the penis, scrotum and perineum, as well as the prostate when inserted anally. My husband found the smooth vibrations quite exciting when I teased the head of his penis, his balls and his perineum with the egg. The first time I used it, my hubby held it against my clit as he used the remote to control the vibrations. There are four fantastic settings ranging from slow, fast, faster and fastest. It is not terribly loud either. At first I thought the first 2 settings were more than enough, but as he turned up the intensity, I was quickly bucking against the egg and shrieking as I came. The controller is very easy to use, with two buttons, up and down. A lighted display easily lets you know what level of vibrations is on. This toy is great to tuck into your panties for a “quick fix” and is works perfectly for the adventurous driver on a long commute!

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Ahh, the lovely lavender Candy Egg. This is only the second egg I’ve tried, so I’m not sure how it compares to others. All I know is, I like it! There is actually a good range on the 4 speeds, something I find lacking on a lot of multi-speed toys lately (could just be me). I can’t use the highest setting without peeling myself off the ceiling, so I figure it would be good for both the “gently, please” and the “crank it up!” toy users among us. The controller is very easy to work with, all you need is a working thumb :) This compact confection runs on 2 AA batteries, and the compartment tells you which way they go in. Bonus!

According to the box the whole thing is waterproof, though I personally am a little iffy about submerging the controller. Not that it looks like it would leak, I just don’t like to take the chance. Made from hard plastic, the egg is the perfect size for inner or outer play, and easy to hold on to in or out of the water. The only complaint I have is that it’s not really quiet to begin with, and if you submerge it you get a sound like a small water boat. That, of course, is a small inconvenience compared to all the good stuff.

Sweet stuff

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