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Hi to anyone who can offer some advice. I have a new boyfriend who has a rather large penis (not huge persay) and I have a really really small vagina. We spent quite a lot of time and effort our first time together (neither of us virigins, tho we felt like it!) just trying to accomplish penetration! This has never happened to me before, but it had been years since I had had sex, so I might be just not used to it. Once we finally got the angle right, there was a little discomfort from all the effort we put into getting him inside. And I feel a little today (we did it this morning), tho i think it is fading. I think I have two questions before I run to the doctor freaking out.

#1- is it cool to have this discomfort, or is it totally abnormal (like should I be able to accept any size penis without pain)?

#2- please tell me it's going to get better!? Will my body adjust to his size as we have more sex? Because it was uncomfortable enough that I acctually didn't climax that first time, tho almost did. I think it was that discomfort that kept me from totally coming tho.

So anyone else experienced this or should I run screaming to the OBGYN?

One more thing, this is rather comical. We both totally dug doing it doggy style, it felt the best out of any position (he is a bit heavy so he's got a belly that gets in the way from some other positions) but we couldn't stop laughing because when he thrust into me, some air would get sucked in and make a ridiculously funny noise. Anyone else have this problem and what can you do to keep it from happening? other than blaring death metal while screwing...

someone help my pathetic ass!

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Thanks, Howard for all your advice, you are so right about the lube, I think it came up about four times during foreplay that we both wished we'd had some. And, a little over 24 hours later and the discomfort is gone I'm happy to say, ready to get back into it! We have some more angles to figure out, too. I love being on top, but I have trouble straddling him and still being about to control how deep his cock gets, also because of his weight. I really need to read some things about sex with heavier people for some hints.

I think our foreplay will last longer each time, too. We were both just overly excited to get to the vaginal intercourse and now that we have done that we will start taking our time doing other things first. Poor boy wanted to go down on me but I just started the pill a couple weeks ago and I am having a small amount of spotting (which is normal) so I told him to wait because I kind of want that experience to involve as little embarassment as possible, and he agreed. But we'll be having fun with that soon enough!

Thanks again Howard, I am sure I will be back with more questions as things progress.

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Hello! Welcome to something some women only wish they could have. I totally feel for you 100%! The guy I was with had to be a good 10 inches in length and at least 3 inches in girth. It was almost, well, it WAS too much for me to handle. Although sex with him was wonderful, it was entirely too big for me. I did go to my Gyno, and I talked to her. She took a look, and although I am completly normal, I am rather small. She told me that if it wasnt for the fact you could tell that I wasnt a virgin and my paper work said I had 2 children, you can defintly feel it. Which in turn makes my husband a VERY happy camper. I was with this guy for about 4 months. I did adjust, my body that is, but it was always a rather tight fit. Try some extra lube to help it glide in a little easier, or maybe have him try some Altoids on you. I think you might find these a little helpful. Or then again, you can actually help train your body, as well, as his dick, to take you just right. Try a little bit at a time, if this guy honestly respects you, he will comply with wanting to help you enjoy the goods and fun :) Im not saying the head and the head only, just a little bit at a time untill you can get it in with no problem. As with the comical value of doggy style. Thats great! Howard is totally right when it comes to adult playtime is supposed to be fun. Have fun and play around with the whole thing. I think you will find that the more you play and experiment the more fun you have and the more enjoyable it will be. When you are on top to straddle him slide down only as much as you think need be. I am also the wife of a heavy guy. I love bigger guys. They are like giant teddy bears who love to cuddle and all that stuff. Before too long you will be able to enjoy it all the way with no problems! And dont forget to laugh. Laughter is kinda the cure for everything :) Enjoy your mans "gift" and be sure to have fun with it. Just a little bit at a time :)

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