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*sings* “Cum aboard, we’re expecting you...”

Okay, okay, so no crew will welcome you aboard this boat. In fact, no one even has to know you’re sailing, if you don’t want them to. Vibratex has created this really cute, purple, hands-free toy made to discretely pleasure a woman. Don a pair of panties, clip the small remote control to your keychain (or better yet, your partner’s!!) and head out for errands. While it’s not super quiet (library trips are a no-no unless you get off from people hearing buzzing and looking at you funny), it’s still quiet enough that you CAN wear it in a grocery store or retail store and no one around you will know the difference. The keychain remote works from about 30 feet away -- we tested its reach!

Requiring two AAA batteries (not included), this ergonomically shaped vibe is body-friendly, snuggling right up against a woman’s curves once inserted. The flexible insertable piece is gently curved to work your G-Spot into submission and super soft nubbies decorate the two “fingers” (one in the front for clitoral stimulation and one in the back for anal stimulation). While the keychain remote can be more fun, there is also a dual action switch at the base of the jelly toy.

This vibe felt really nice when I boarded it. I hadn’t found an insertable hands-free toy that felt good until this one, so I was super excited to flick the switch and get my own motor running. Unfortunately, though it claims to be powerful, the vibes on this toy are very low and did nothing for me. I felt no vibrations whatsoever on the stimulating fingers when they were against my clit and anus. When touching them with just my fingers, even then, they were almost non-noticeable. So, while this might be an awesome vibe for those who like softer vibrations, for those of you who are like me and need a strong, rugged vibration, I’d suggest looking elsewhere, because this toy probably won’t do anything but make you wish you’d taken a different cruise.

Take a voyage with the Dream Boat.

(Note: Keep this ship docked as it's not waterproofed for tub action!)

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I have that song stuck in my head now... :rolleyes:

Sorry this toy wasn't as dreamy, & it set sail without you.

Were these nubbies comfy?

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