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He led her downstairs to the cellar.

She was a little shocked, surprised and definately turned on, by what she saw. It was not a massive room, but was it organised. In the middle of the room, stood a massive bed, with four posts sticking out, that looked like you tied things to it. Except for one piece of wall, the remainder of the walls and ceiling were covered with mirrors.

On the wall without the mirrors was a shelf with all kinds of toys on it. Dildos, whips, horse whips, nipple clamps, the bigger ones must be pussy clamps she thought, masks, blindfolds and all sorts of other toys.

At the foot of the bed, was a very strange contraption, it looked liked an X, you stand against that with your legs and arms spread, and then you get tied, to it.

She was becoming very aroused by everything she saw around her, and knew that this was going to be a very interesting and fun night.

He took her in his arms and started kissing her and slowly started undressing her until she was only wearing a bra and g-string. He took that off as well and she was standing naked in front of him.

Her big beautiful tits, hard big nipples standing straight, those long sexy legs of her, running up all the way to that clean shaven pussy, he loves to eat so much.

He led her over to his X and started tying her down.

She now realised that it had no back rest and was accessible from both the front and behind.

Once he tied her up, he started undressing himself. When he removed his briefs, she could see that his dick was hard and she wanted him inside her. He crossed the room and came back with a blindfold and put it on her.

It was agreed, she had to say stop, if it became to much for her. The game was that she was not allowed to make any sound, no matter what he did to her. Should she make a sound, she will get spanked.

She was excited, her nipples were hard and she could feel her pussy getting wet. She felt something cold against her nipples and it made her body jerk, and immediately she felt something warm on her nipples. A moan escaped her lips, and she knew what was coming next.

He walked across to the wall and took the riding whip, from the shelf. He stood behind her, and ran the whip between her legs, over her wet pussy, another moan escaped her lips, that will be two on your arse he told her.

He spanked her on her arse with the whip, she loved it, and pushed her arse further out towards him. He spanked her again, this time a little bit harder, and she let out a moan that raised the hair on his neck as it was so erotic an sensual.

That is going to cost you nipple clamps he told her. He gently put one on her left nipple and closed it, at first it hurt, but then she got use to it, and the feeling of the clamp on her hard nipple was driving her insane, her pussy was now dripping.

He went on his knees in front of her and licked at her wet pussy. It was unexpected and she let out another moan. He immediately got to his feet and put a nipple clamp on her right nipple, which drove her over the edge and she let out a scream of passion. That will cost you pussy clamps he said to her, and immediately she could feel a clamp going on but this did not hurt, all she could feel, was that her pussy lips were pulled open, and she knew her whole pussy was exposed to him, and he would surely see how hard her clit is and suck and lick it as a result/

Before she knew it the blindfold was off her eyes and she was staring at this naked woman in the mirror. Nipple clamps on, her pussy pulled open, and her clit exposed, seeing herself like this was turning her on even more. She glanced at him, and saw that his dick was ever so hard and she could see the pre-cum making his cock head glisten.

Oh how she wished he would fuck her right now, right here, and she meant fuck, as hard and rough as he could. He walked over to her and kissed her on the lips, and before she could respond hungrily, the blindfold was back over her eyes, and he was gone.

She felt something being inserted into her pussy, it was not cold, and it was sliding in and out of her, and she started moving her body with the motion. Then she felt vibrating inside her and she knew it was a dildo, that he was using on her, he moved it in and out of her slowly and she was building up to an orgasm, he pulled the dildo out and ran it over her clit, she could not hold back anymore and started moaning, she was so close.

He switched the dildo off and pulled it away from her the moment she started moaning, he knew she was close to a climax, but rules are rules.

He did not warn her this time, he just spanked her with the whip, she felt the sudden burning sensation on her arse, and started crying, out of frustration, screaming at the top of her voice, please fuck me now, then she felt another blow on her arse, it was warm, then she felt his hand on her arse rubbing it gently, and it drove her over the edge.

She came, all over herself, it squirted out of her, onto the floor, and then she felt him, licking her legs, tasting her juices, sucking her wet pussy, playing with her clit, he is going to make her cum again and she wanted that.

He undid her hands, and told her to keep the blindfold on and bend over. Her pussy was wet and he wanted her, he put his hand on her back and penetrated her hard from behind.

He did not go gently, and she did not want him to, he was fucking her as hard as he could, and she was pushing back at him, as hard as she could, she wanted all of his dick inside of her. They came at the same time, he shot load after load inside her, and her juices were squirting all over his cock and legs.

He stayed inside her, until he was limp, and fell out, he undid her legs carried her to the bed, and they both collapsed.

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