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Jesse's Climatic Climaxer


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To me, this little clitoral stimulator looks like a venus fly-trap! From the Jesse Jane collection, this unique toy is designed to "suction" over your vaginal area, and the 3, large pleasure ticklers supply devine attention to your sensitive spots.

This toy is typical jelly material - 5 1/4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. It takes 2AAA batteries that simply go into the base. There is only one vibration level - turned on via the on / off switch on the base. This stimulator is a cute, girly pink color with decorative swirlies on the shaft.

This item does NOT insert - it is used soley for external stimuation. The box suggests that you can place the suction end over your nipples for stimulation. I did not find this stimuating. The tickers do vibrate quite nicely, but do not really suction enough for me. Then again, I am big-breasted so that doesn't help much.

Now, as for the vaginal stimulation - it does work much better for that purpose. When the vibrations are on, the little tickers go to town stimulating your clitoris. The suction cup worked surprisingly well. I would suggest that you would have to be shaved to get a proper "lock" on your vagina. Luckily, I am shaved and got a good lock. Then the vibrations and the clitoral ticklers went to town and I had an orgasm real quick! Surprisingly, this toy worked well for me!

I would suggest this toy to anyone interested in exploring clitoral stimualtors. THis is not a pump, but has suction cups like many do. It is not a vibe (but vibrates like one) - but it is uniquely stimulating. Give it a try - you may be as surprised as I was!

Find YOUR Lock...

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I've always been interested in clit stimulators (as any healthy orgasming woman should!). This definitely looks interesting! Kinda looks like Mick Jagger's mouth going aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :lol:

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