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Teddi's Tickler Kit


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A small vibrator and five attachments for Clitoral, Vaginal, and Anal stimulation is what is promised by the box. The cute little kit all in pink is an assortment of different stimulators, and the worst drawback is that there is no guide for which attachments do what, so you have to use your imagination - then again, that could be the fun part too! The mini vibrator uses three watch-sized batteries, and comes with six. Always love when there’s extra batteries! Just unscrew the battery cap, place in three batteries, and then choose what attachment you want to play with and you’re good to go. I should mention that the box does not say if it’s waterproof, and does not seem to be, so wash with the batteries out and let fully air dry before use.

Now, I mentioned there are five attachments, and I will give the best description of what I think they are used for. Someone more experienced with toys may be able to give more accurate descriptions or uses, but I found for the most part some of these can be interchangeable.

The easiest one to identify is the cup-like attachment with pleasure nubs on the concave part of the cup. This is most definitely only for clitoral stimulation. It is designed to nestle around the clitoris and stimulate the entire clitoral area.

The next attachment I noticed looks like a hammer head. Like the hammer used at doctor’s offices to check reflexes, but only much smaller. With a few tests, I found this worked best as a clitoral stimulator, but someone else may be able to find them just as pleasurable tickling the vaginal opening or even a little anal teaser.

The next most easily identifiable attachment is a long, curved, tear drop shape. This is most definitely for anal, but could also be used for light vaginal penetration. I am not experienced at ALL in anal play, but I tested this one myself as it is not intimidating at all, and found it to slip out. So this attachment I would say is definitely a two person attachment so someone can control insertion and keep it from slipping out.

The other two attachments I have yet to identify what the designed use was, one has three ridges and the other has two protruding nubs on either side at different angles. I tested both of these vaginally, but the attachment with the tree ridges may have been designed more for anal play.

Now I have to say an all inclusive kit like this would normally go straight to the top of the toy box as it is multi function. But to be honest, the vibrations it gives off just aren’t that strong. They stimulate me, but just don’t pack the power I crave and need to orgasm. There is a turn dial on the bottom of the mini-vibe, but I honestly couldn’t tell any difference from low to high. I would recommend this kit for someone new to toys that wants to experiment with different textures or someone who doesn’t need strong vibrations to orgasm. This vibe was just lacking to me, but I’m sure there is someone out there that could find this kit a five star item.

Does Teddi's Tickler Kit tickle your fancy?

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It's too bad this cute thing didn't work for you. I'm curious, do you think that the attatchments can be used on regular bullets? Would they slide on, or are they too small?

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That was such a good suggestion that I had to go and try. I tried the attachments on a normal sized bullet, and if the attachments were stretchy at all, they may have fit, but they're pretty stiff. Then I tried it on my Doc Johson Mini bullet, and it was a snug fit, but it could just work. You would lose a little grip speace, but worth a shot!

New mission... find ultra ultra thin slim vibe to test Tyger's theory! :P

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