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Have you had a looooong day? :huh: Are you feeling stressed and tense? :( Why not take a nice, long, HOT,shower? Get in, let the water cascade down your body, feel the stress of the day melting away as the steam rises up between your legs, kissing your neck, shoulders, back. Relaxing every second that the water drips down your body. Then, take out some Kama Sutra Luxury Bath Gel and rub this silky smooth, great smelling, soothing and tingly body gel all over every inch of your steam soaked body. Indulge yourself with the feeling of minty relaxation, the smell opening your nasal passages, renewing and revitalizing your skin, tempting you to touch yourself because now you feel soooo much better!

You step out of the shower, you smell fresh and feel rejuvinated. Your body no longer aches, you do not feel so tired, you are tingly all over and feel a sense of.....newness. As you dry off you notice how soft and supple your skin feels. You breath in this scent and enjoy touching your soft skin. Naked, you walk into the bedroom where your lover has resigned that you are not wanting sex tonight after your long day. You climb into bed, kiss and whisper that you are ready for some intimacy. Your lover notices the smell, bends to sniff your neck while planting a kiss of passion on your breastbone. They are intoxicated with the smell and feel of your skin. You begin to kiss and touch and the smell of mint fills the air and the passion is unexpected and new.

This was my experience with this wonderful shower gel! Imagine if I had bathed in it!


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Do I detect a hint of minty freshness? :P;):D

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