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You know the old saying... "Nothing says lovin' like a power bullet in the...", wait! Thats not it!

All kidding aside, hang on tight, because you might fall in love with this little guy.

The power bullet is small, adorable, portable, discreet and sparkly. It is wireless and waterproof, which is always a welcome perk.

My bullet is sparkly pink and only about the size of my thumb. It has three speeds (ranging from subtly delicious to holy freakin orgasm batman!), which you change by pushing an inverted button on the top. The PowerBullet comes with a water proof seal around its middle to ease your "bullet in the shower" fears.

The product comes complete with batteries already in it (talk about one stop shop), so its literally ready when you receive it. All you have to do is open it and push the button!

It is wireless, so you could insert if you dare, but without the string to hold on to, I think it may not be the safest idea.

I found the bullet to be an eight on the 1-10 scale because of one flaw. Though the look of the bullet is sleek and sexy, once the bullet came in contact with lubricant (natural lubricant that is), it was incredibly difficult to hold on to. I had a hard time changing the speeds once it got going, because it was "slippery when wet". The bullet was quite a joy to have around and very easy to turn on- but a little difficult to turn off once it got going. (just like me!)


Buy it here- http://shop.tootimid.com/productimages/sex...5016-01main.jpg

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