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New Nipple Enhancement Product

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I just posted this in the "members news" section too. But I am in love with a new product I discovered online and ordered. They are at nipplefunwear.com and they are these little things you stick on your nipples and they are like little suction cups...except not, hard to desrible just check them out. They are the biggest turn on and honestly VERY addictive to wear, in fact I'm wearing them right now and my nipples have "grow" about an inch out and they make your nipple tingle and when you gently squeeze its like nipple sex!! You end up touching yourself its so erotic, plus when you take them off your nipples stay HUGE for the next few hours! They are awesome and I don't mind sharing more details if anyone wants to know...just trust me it's worth the $14! Let me know if you try them or want to discuss...they are SOOOO good....

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Would you send me a link to this product page (I know it came from another site) I am just interested to see it. Send it to: Mikayla@tootimid.com!


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I got some of these out of curiousity. I love nipple stim, but it is hard to run the vibe and provide good stim. I didn't like the nipple clamps I got.

These work wonderfully, so I thought I'd bump this thread up.

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