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Glow In The Dark Stroker Kit


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My experience with the Glow in the Dark Stroker Kit was a little bit disappointing. These masturbaters are only about 4-5 inches long, and are open on both ends. Since I like the sensation of sliding a masturbator all the way to the base of my penis, this was not an ideal product for me. Also, once you’re inside of one of these toys, you might as well be inside the other two, because there is no noticeable difference in feeling. The different feelings of stimulation on the tip of the penis between the three toys is noticeable though, so if you enjoy playing around with your penis head, and not all out masturbating, then you would definitely enjoy this toy. It’s soft jelly composition did make it easy to get in there, and the inner workings allowed for good stimulation on the penis head.

I first tried using one of these with a silicone based gel, and it ran dry very quickly. I would only recommend a water-based lube such as a K-Y or a Too Timid Pleasure Gel. The water-based lube allowed for easier movement and less friction, and it also enhanced the tip of the “mouth” masturbator, which was very pleasurable being able to roll the tongue and lips of the head of my penis.

As I mentioned before, these toys are open on both ends, which made cleaning easy. I just ran the warm water through it, added some soap, and thoroughly scrubbed the interior and exterior surface with my fingers.

If you know that jelly masturbators are your thing, then you can’t go wrong with a 3-pack! However, I am more inclined to the soft-feel and realistic feel masturbators, so this was a bit of a miss for me. Ah well, it still gave me a reason to jerk-off 3 times in a row!

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Do they really glow in the dark? <_<

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Wouldn't that be kinda odd, them glowing? LOL Maybe that's just me. Sorry they didn't work out as well for you as they could've.

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I love glow in the dark toys, it is my favorite non-functional option on a toy. I think it would be cool to have a real glow in the dark masturbator. Turn the lights down so the toy stands out a bit more. Lay back and glow baby glow!

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