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Sex Toy Show?


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DANG!! I missed it!!! :angry:

I saw something like that on HBO thursday night, it was hosted by that funny porn star katie Morgan who acts dingy but really isnt. We'll the show I saw seemed more like a history of vibraters more then anything


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first time posting here, came more for the reviews and advice, but I guess I can add to this. Yes, It is done by katie morgan, and yes, it did kind of turn into the history of the vibrator. It is also on HBO. There is a much better one on the discovery channel. It goes into the history of the toys, plus it takes a look at the next generation of toys. They have some pretty amazing stuff coming out in the next decade or so. There are prototypes of clothing being developed that actually mimic the movement of another user and somehow get you off. It's kinda hard to explain, but very interesting.

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If you HBO on demand, Katie Morgan has her own section. Me and my wife watch every episode that comes out. some of the stuff she does is hilarious. Also the specials are pretty good, Real Sex and Taxi cab confessions are all pretty good. Katie is supposed to have another special come out around early dec, cant remember the date though.

FYI my first post :lol:

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Welcome Happen!!

Yes, I saw that one with Katie, about the vibrators. She is a riot!! I loved it! It takes a lot to sound informative, dingy, and be nakid all at the same time! :lol:

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